Timing Belt
Timing Belt

If you’ve never heard the name before, here’s an introduction; your timing belt is a critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is your engine block. In simple terms, it is what allows your engine camshaft and crankshaft to operate in sync. Your camshaft opens up valves in the combustion chamber to pump in a fuel/air rich mixture; your crankshaft is linked to engine pistons in the combustion chamber.


A properly set timing belt ensures that intake valves controlled by the camshaft open and close only when they’re not in the way of engine pistons. Pistons are linked to the crankshaft, and valves are controlled by the camshaft. The timing belt is the link between the two, allowing the position of the crankshaft, ergo the pistons, to dictate the opening/closing of intake valves.


Most vehicle owners in Livingston never know what a timing belt is until it fails. Unfortunately, timing belt failure can be catastrophic, often requiring very expensive engine rebuilds or outright replacement. In fact, the cost can be so much you’re sometimes better off buying a new car altogether.


We handle timing belt repairs and engine rebuilds/replacements from timing belt failure at Greybeard Automotive. But, what we’d rather do for your vehicle is a scheduled timing replacement, the kind to prevent a costly timing belt or engine repair. If your vehicle uses a timing belt, it might be up for a timing belt replacement if you’ve driven it around for more than 50,000 – 70,000 miles. Not sure of your exact mileage? Drive in today and have our techs give your vehicle a professional assessment to see if it’s time for your scheduled timing belt replacement.

In the unfortunate event that your timing belt does fail, you want professionals handling the repair. The timing belt-camshaft-crankshaft assembly is a sensitive bit of automotive technology. If your engine is going to have another shot at roaring back to life, the fix needs to be precise and extremely on spec. Our ASE certified techs at Greybeard Automotive have both the tools and experience to pull off even the most complex timing belt repair projects. Our reputation shines through in the entire Livingston and Park County area. We’re proud to say we’re Livingston’s highest-rated timing belt repair experts.

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