Pro’s and Con’s of todays newer direct injected engines and the need to perform routine intake flushes and decarbonizations


  • Better engine performance
  • Lower emissions
  • More precise and efficient fuel delivery
  • Ability to run more timing advance vs. previous technology


  • Excessive carbon build up on valves
  • Injectors are very sensitive and can become plugged with debris
  • Runs at higher pressures, more components to wear due to heat and pressure
  • Carbon build up can cause misfires, hard starts and engine knocking

The Fix and it’s not “Snake Oil”

Routine intake system flushing

Because the fuel injector is directly in the combustion chamber, there is not fuel spraying on the back of the valves. Fuel has cleaner in it, because this fuel is not longer cleaning the back sides of the valves we need to schedule routine intake flushes to keep the back sides of the valves clean.


We recommend this service at a minimum every 30,000 miles, sooner if the vehicle is primarily used in city driving situations.


This service needs to be timed so that an engine oil change is also required. During the flush procedure we will also be cleaning the engine oil side of the system as well
We use BG products specifically to perform the cleaning procedure