Cabin Air filters

How often should they be replaced?
Manufactures recommendations vary, but we recommend every 15,000 miles, Replacing by mileage also has issues however


Take the customer who in a years time only travels 12,000 miles. In a years time the cabin air filter has filtered pollen, dust and mold from the summer months. In the winter months we also deal with pollen and molds but it is compounded with moisture from snow build up on the fresh air intake


Another approach is seasonally

Change it before summer. Change it before winter. No different than the furnace filters in our homes, we’ve always been taught to replace our furnace filters twice a year. We recommend this for the same reason.

Driving dusty dry roads? It should be replaced sooner


What happens if it is not replaced?

  • Foul odors will develop.
  • Pollen, dirt, and debris build up in the HVAC housing.
  • Air conditioning and heating performance will also eventually decrease as the filter plugs lack of system performance can build heat in the a/c system causing premature wear of very expensive parts.
  • Premature failure of the blower motor
  • Without a good working cabin air filter, the air inside of your vehicle is prone to having higher levels of harmful and odorous exhaust gasses than the air outside of your vehicle


How much does it cost?
Cabin air filters are very inexpensive. Some manufactures make access very easy while others require considerably more time to replace


Does my vehicle have a cabin air filter?
Most late model vehicles have cabin air filters. However, if you are unsure, give us a call or call your manufacturer. We can look up the information and determine if your vehicle does indeed have a cabin air filter.