Brake system fluid flush

Is this just another upselling tactic at the front counter?

Is Brake fluid flush really necessary?

Brakes are the most necessary component of vehicle safety, therefore the short answer is yes


How often?

  • We recommend at least every 2 years, 30,000 or when the test process indicates acid brake fluid environment.
  • You can’t determine brake fluid condition by moisture, color, time or vehicle mileage
  • We test strip every vehicle that comes in for inspections and Oil services
  • Brake fluid lives in an extreme environment, extremely high temperatures and extremely high pressures.


What can fail if I don’t flush brake fluid?

  • Over time the moisture in brake fluid will increase
  • The increase will change the acidic level of brake fluid
  • The increase of acidic levels creates rust
  • Rust can eventually bind up the calipers or make the calipers stick
  • Sticking calipers ruin brake pads and rotors
  • The acidic level will also make the rubber sections of the brake system brittle
  • A brittle brake hose can rupture resulting in loss of brakes
  • Brake fluid needs to be treated like any other fluid and routinely flushed
  • Brake systems maintained and filled with correct fluid, without moisture and regulator changes the above failures should not occur.
  • Considering the inexpensive cost of a routine brake fluid flush, vs. the potential system damage and safety issues this is must routine maintenance item